Virtual Office
Virtual Office Starter

Virtual Office Starter

Business Address
Virtual Office Light

Virtual Office Light
→ $5/m savings

Business Address
Voicemail to Email
Virtual Office Bundle

Virtual Office Bundle
→ $10/m savings

Business Address
Telephone Answering
Virtual Office Premium

Virtual Office Premium
→ $15/m savings

Business Address
Telephone Answering
Fax To Email
Safe Locker

Business Address



* city business address
* courier/package reception
* secure storing method
* receive during office hours

* 20 packages/month
* $1/package additional
Telephone Answering


* dedicated land line number
* live telephone operator
* answer in your name
* follow a predefined script

* 50 calls/month
* $0.60/call additional
Safe Locker



* Space in secure environment
* Store your goods, lock the BOX and keep the key

* Available BOX options:
* 1.00x1.00x1.00 m
* 0.50x1.00x2.00 m
Voicemail to Email


* dedicated land line number
* welcome message and voice message recording
* automatic routing to email

* 100 calls/month
* $0.20/call additional
Remote Assistance


* Typing (English and Arabic)
* Printing and Binding
* Scanning and Sharing

* Data Entry & Online Forms
* Business Cards Digitization
* Documents Filing
Fax to Email



* dedicated land line number
* secure online transition - NO archiving
* automatic routing to email

* 100 faxes/month
* $0.20/fax additional
Meeting Room



* 12 seats large meeting room
* Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

* Internet, projector, laptop, pad, speakers and whiteboard
* complementary water, coffee, juice and refreshment



* dedicated land line number
* all time forward (divert)

* $0.15/min local (mobile)
* $0.30/min international

* Security deposit required


The Hosting Contract for legal formation (Company / Establishment Incorporation or NGO Registration) is provided on advanced payment of 12 months for VO Starter, 6 months VO Light, 3 months VO Bundle or 2 months VO Premium.
The Hosting Contract is valid to use at Beirut Commercial Registrar, Ministry of Finance (except commercial and industrial businesses), NSSF - Daman, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Economy & Trade.


For VO advanced yearly payment, additional discount of 10%, 25% and 40% is provided respectively for 1, 2 and 3 years.
For VO customers, or advance payment of 20 hours plus, the meeting room is subject to 25% discount.


All pricing are subject to 11% VAT (Value Added Taxes) as mandated by local government laws.

Courier Management

$1.- Per Courier
+ Best Route Courier Fee

* Consist of managing your courier on your behalf by either delivering from our office to your customer, or collecting from your customer and bring it to our office for secure storage.

* The route is either delivery or collection.


$100.- Per Year +
$1.- Per Journal Entry

* Consist of managing your daily bookkeeping activities by registering all invoices, receipts, bills into an online accounting tool, that you can view.

* Provision for weekly balance sheet and net income reporting, yearly trial balance.
Document Archiving

$1.- Per Document
(Including CD Backup)

* Consist of archiving your documents on your behalf.

* We reference the document and index it, scan and save a copy, upload to shared folders.

* Backup to CD media on monthly basis.
Check Collection

$20.- Per Collection
(Including Courier Fee)

* Consist of collecting your checks from your customers on your behalf.

* We prepare the invoice, send it to your customer, follow up until a payment is ready, collect the check when available, scan it and email it back to you.


$1.- Per Person
(up to 3 follow up calls)

* Consist of event guests confirmation by assigning a dedicated telephone line number and a calling operator for each event, and where the operator will call the previously provided list of contacts in order to confirm their presence for the event.
Call Ordering


$1.- Per Call Answered +
$1.- Per Order Submitted

* Consist of guiding your caller to purchase through your online shop or product portfolio; Informing you by email of caller details and object; generating reports.

* Submitting the Order to your CRM tool for fulfillment.
Appointment Settings

$2.- Per Pitched Prospect +
$5.- Per Appointment Set

* Consist of calling your target potentials on your behalf, introducing your business services and fixing an appointment for you with designated officers, upon a previously shared calendar, meeting time and time spacing requirements.


$2.- Per Order Fulfilled
(Excluding Shipping Charges)

* Consist of contacting your shipper on your behalf; preparing, archiving and sending the way bill; following up with the delivery and/or collection; inform when done.

* Collected funds are safeguarded in safe-box.
Digital AdvertizinG
Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS
$30.- /1000 SMS

* Sending Direct SMS to a mobile list thru local service providers in Lebanon using an easy to use web interface.

* The platform insures validity of the numbers and provides detailed delivery report.
Email AD

Email AD
$30.- /shot

* Sending email marketing advertisement to a pre-defined list having general email contacts from Lebanon.

* The platform insures optimal delivery and provides accurate open and click rates.

$150.- /month

* 2x newsletter preparation per month that we send to subscribed users on your behalf (up to 2000 users).

* Newsletter consists of content of value to your user, including simple header image design.
Social Media Basics

Social Media Basics
$150.- /month

* 2x posts per week on Facebook & Instagram, including $50.- ads/boosts, and executive monthly report.

* Posts consists of very basic content, nice simple design, and optimized post scheduling.