Business Address

Samir is a Entrepreneur who wanted to establish a legal entitiy in Beirut - Lebanon.
BuBleik help providing a Business Address for company formation and business management, receiving all their courier.

Fax To Email

Sami run an online shop, but needed a fax line for complaints.
BuBleik help providing a local telephone line and immediately email the fax message to his email address.

Telephone Answering

Tarek and Marwan started a specialized consulting boutique with a small virtual team.
BuBleik help receiving all telephone calls and forwarding only the important ones to the team, optimizing their time.

Call Forwarding

Ram is a regional call center director who needs to delight his customers by calling local numbers.
BuBleik help providing a local telephone line in Lebanon and divert/transfer all calls to the main call center.

Voicemail To Email

Mohsen lives and works outside Lebanon, but wanted to maintain his business in Lebanon.
BuBleik help providing a local telephone line and immediately email the recorded message to his email address.

Meeting Room

Martin and friends conceived an NGO and need to regularly meet with volunteers.
BuBleik help providing meeting room access, in a convenient setup, where all parties feels connected to each others.


What our customer say ?

Some who wiched to be featured.

Do Not use BuBleik as a Virtual Office! It is just not their competitive edge. The sucess journey should start way before you even start your business and think of having a virtual office. The value that the owner will give as a mentor and successful entrepreneur is way more valuable. The solution for every problem is what I adore about their staff. I do not know if I am a customer for 8 years, a friend, or attached to that place. All what I know is that i hope to see you there and enjoy successful moments.

Bashir Hazim

Bashir Hazim

CEO at Ongoing Concepts

Growing a startup can be turbulent and things are always changing. It's been so helpful to have a virtual office address that we can depend on, knowing that the administration has been taken care of by the Bubleik team. Our experience with the team has been smooth and easy, and it's been great dealing with efficient, friendly staff who understand what startups need. Their products cover what we need, and their approach is flexible and understanding. I totally recommend.

Angela Solomon

Angela Solomon

CEO at Jaleesa SAL