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BuBleik SAL

Virtual Office & Virtual Assistant

Virtual Office: Business Address, Safe Locker, Remote Assistance, Meeting Room, Telephone Answering, Voicemail to Email, Fax to Email, Call Forwarding.

Virtual Assistant: Courier Management, Document Archiving, RSVP, Appointment Settings, Bookkeeping, Check Collection, Call Ordering and Fulfillment.

Why BuBleik ?

Clear Pricing

We pride ourselves for having a clear pricing subject to no hidden fees or charges.

Convenient Setup

We consider ourselves convenient setup and not a fancy space business center.

Easy Payment

We collect Cash, Checks, Western Union, Bank Trasfers and Online Payments.


We are always available during working hours to handle your customers requests.


We are extermely professional and strive to take our customers till the last mile.


We operate out of smart technologies, optimizing our workflows and processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BuBleik compare to its competition?

BuBleik offers a convenient setup, to cater for the needs of Startups, without the sophistication nor the luxury presented by its competitors.

What is the minimum subscription duration?

No minimum subscription duration (except for hosting - due to governance law). Upgrade or downgrade anytime, as simple and fast as sending an email.

How long has BuBleik been in business?

BuBleik was established in July 2012, breakeven the P&L in March 2014 and is planning to stay in business for at least the same period since its birth.

What are the early cancellation penalties?

Most of our services are based on advanced payment and we do not have any penalty for early cancellation. Feel free leaving at any point.